frost alert

Real time frost alert and temperature monitoring​​

irrigation control

Telemetry system to control up to 80 valves remotely over the internet.


Booster pump station for 240 GPM working on demand.

By using an advanced irrigation CAD software (IRRICAD), GPS technology, the most realible products and more than 50 years of combined experience, we provide you with the most cost effective irrigation and real time monitoring solution for your farm, ranch, vineyard, commercial or residential project.

Nulton Irrigation was establish in 1972 by John Nulton.

Today our company has two stores with the most complete irrigation inventory in north central Washington and south central British Columbia.

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water tank level

Water tank level monitoring and alert (high and low level) in real time.

John Nulton - Company founder (1972)
nulton irrigation


12" HDPE mainline. Pressure rating: 200 PSI
Flow capacity: 945

stainless steel filter

Media filter station for 2,100 gallons per minute​​
Installation detail drawing - example
Craig Roth - CEO (2014)
CAD Irrigation desing -  example